Our work supplying composite tubing to Industry is vast and our customer base is diverse. The flexibility of our roll-wrapping manufacturing process enables us to make tubing suitable for a large number of applications. For a full list of our capabilities please take a look at our technology and custom tubing information.

One area we have recently enhanced is the post-machining of our composite tubing. We are able to supply tubes with all manner of machined features including;

  • cylindrical grinding,
  • hole and slot operations,
  • length-parting

For an in-depth view of our machining capabilities please look at our machining information.


  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Strict in-house QA and traceability procedures.
  • Able to supply tubes with individual and batch serialisation
  • Able to provide dimensional verification by CMM

Examples of our work

Roller Tubes

We make machine rollers and cores for the printing industry and others.

Composite tubing’s main benefit in this area is the stiffness/weight ratio which satisfies two core requirements for roller tubes; the stiffness ensures low deflection under loading and the low weight results in low inertia and ease of handling. Our manufacturing process is highly suited to this application because of our ability to lay true zero degree fibres unlike a filament winding process which is often used for this product.

Key benefits/capabilities we can offer are:

  • Diameters up to 500mm
  • Lengths up to 4m
  • Different material grades with moduli up to 400 GPa
  • In-house design software for deflection and strength/loading calculations
  • Ability to supply complete rollers with end-journals machined to customer drawings

We can supply raw tubing only however with our cylindrical grinding machines we can provide accurately machined tubes. We are also able to offer complete solutions with machined metal ends bonded in.

Examples of our work

Performing Arts Structures

One area we are increasingly engaged is tubing for events structures and performing arts applications; including supplying tubes to the Paralympic opening ceremony.

We were recently involved in a project to design and manufacture a series of 7 metre long tapered tubing specifically designed to flex under the weight of an artist performing an acrobatic routine on a network of high wires connecting the tubes.

This unique and different project demanded complex FEA (finite element analysis) design to ensure the tubes performed as required.

Examples of our work

Civil Engineering

As composites become more cost effective and their benefits are more widely understood, they are increasingly being used in civil engineering applications.

One of the more interesting applications in this area we have been involved in this area is tubing for a unique modular events structure. In this case the customer choice of composite tubing reflects the need for low weight resulting in efficient global transportation and rapid assembly/disassembly. In this structure we make the main leg supports – the main load-bearing aspect of the structure.