With over 60 years of collective marine experience we have a significant insight to this industry. This, coupled with our vast knowledge of composites, is invaluable given the diverse nature of composite marine applications.

We produce tubing for all types of marine applications, from small dinghy tiller extensions, paddle shafts, and spars up to one-off tubing for large yacht masts.

The flexibility of our manufacturing process is one of our distinctive qualities in this area:

  • Able to make tapered tubing which is ideally suited for mast applications.
  • We can make oval tubing often sought after for masts or booms requiring differential properties in different axes.
  • Tubes are made with epoxy resin systems which have virtually zero water absorption making them more suitable for marine based use than lower quality tubing made with vinylester or polyester resin systems.
  • We have in-house paint facilities and are able to finish tubes with UV stable paint systems, protecting the tubing against inevitable long exposure to the elements.

Sonar buoys and pressure vessels

How can they be used?


We supply tubing for sonar buoys and other sub-sea electronic housings.

Impressive strength properties of composite materials make them ideal for use in this area as they are able to withstand very large pressures at depth.

Also the impressive chemical resistance and corrosion properties of composites are essential here. This enables the tubes to last far longer than metal alternatives in some of the world’s more polluted seas.

Super yacht awnings

How can they be used?

One use for which we supply carbon fibre tubes is as canopy poles for super yacht awnings.

Given the nature of the application, this is one area in which aesthetics are critical.

Able to offer a range of finishes including naked woven cloths and/or paint finishes.

All paint systems have UV inhibitors to ensure the tubes do not discolour or degrade over time to maintain the sleek look of carbon fibre.

We have established analytical tools to calculate complicated tube loadings and can recommend appropriate tube dimensions and constructions.