Telescopic Tubing

An established area of our business is the design and manufacture of telescopic tubing. For applications that require working at distance, light weight is essential to manoeuvre and operate long reach poles. Composites, at up to a fifth of the weight of steel and many times stronger, are ideally suited for this purpose.

Example applications include:

  • High-level water fed window cleaning poles
  • Boarding and high-level access poles
  • Microphone booms
  • Camera tripods
  • Military and broadcasting antenna masts (push up, wind up and pneumatic)
  • IED and mine clearance poles
  • Motor racing refuelling booms
  • Many others.

Design of tube

  • Tubes manufactured in range of 4mm to 500mm
  • Lengths available up to 5m collapsed and 25 m extended.
  • Able to design anti-rotational features into the tubes.
  • Materials range from cost effective glass fibre to special high modulus materials.

Modular Poles

We can also offer modular systems, where each section is to the same design and sections can be added or removed to reach desired height/length.  In addition to custom poles, we also make and stock a number of standard varieties which are available ‘off the shelf’.

Typical applications for modular poles are:

  • Window cleaning poles
  • Gutter cleaning poles
  • Stage equipment